Saturday, April 30, 2011

Summer Heat and Athletes: CHILL Cooling Towels Provide Performance Enhancing Heat Relief

CHILL Cooling Towel introduces the Sportowel, which enhances an athlete's performance by cooling their core body temperature allowing the athlete to be refreshed, invigorated, and energized. Just a 15 second shake of the towel activates the all-natural formula and the towel will turn 20 to 30 degrees cooler than your body temperature, instantly.

Dr. Gannon Dudlar
"Prevention of heat exhaustion is key not only to an athlete's health but to performance as well A cooling towel should be a part of athlete's cooling regimen that includes regular hydration. I recommend Chill Cooling Towels because they are instantly cool"

As summer quickly approaches athletes and sport trainers know that prevention of heat exhaustion is key not only to an athlete's health but to performance as well.

The good news is that CHILL Cooling Towels were developed with these important athletes’ needs in mind.
A significant aspect of cooling for an athlete is the dissipation of heat by evaporation of sweat or perspiration, as sweat evaporates heat energy is taken from the skin, cooling it in the process. CHILL Cooling Towels are soft, 100% terry cloth cotton towels that are pre-moistened with a unique, patent-pending, all-natural formula to instantly cool, refresh and energize on contact. They are especially formulated to aid in the evaporation of sweat, thus cooling the body faster.

Studies also show that reducing an athlete’s core body temperature before, during and post exercise, can help avoid heat exhaustion and enhance performance. Body temperature can rise quickly during physical training or a sports event and can often times reach temperatures exceeding 100 degrees.

The CHILL Cooling Towels are 20 to 30 degrees cooler than the body’s temperature right out the package, therefore placing a CHILL Cooling Towels on the back of an athlete’s neck or other pulse points can aid in reducing core body temperature.
CHIL Cooling Towels require no refrigeration and the cooling effect of CHILL Cooling Towels can last for hours, especially in hot humid environments.

Athletes are always looking for that competitive edge and keeping the body cool throughout an event can be that edge by aiding in enhancing performance, concentration and reducing fatigue. The towel’s formula does not negatively affect a player’s grip on sports equipment such as a club, ball or bat.

CHILL Cooling Towels come in fours sizes. However, the CHILL Cooling Sportowel is perfect for Athletes. It is over two square feet (12 x 27 inch) of soft cotton terry cloth. This generous size, comparable to a golf towel, is great instant heat relief during any sports game or for prior, during or after workouts. It’s a perfect addition to an athlete's cooling regimen that includes regular hydration.

CHILL Cooling Towels really do work. CHILL conducted rigorous testing including placing the cooling towels in a microwave on high for 15 seconds, heating the towel to a temperature of 170. After shaking the towel for 15 seconds the temperature went from 170 degrees down to 68 degrees - a 100-degree difference in seconds. This test demonstrates that heat does not affect the towels ability to cool no matter how hot the towel initially is.

Athletes are not the only ones vulnerable to the problems of excessive heat, everyone at sometime experiences the uncomfortable impact of excessive heat, CHILL's Cooling Towels are designed to provide instant heat relief, anytime, anywhere – right out of the package without refrigeration.

Athletes from amateurs, professionals to sporting event spectators use CHILL towels. Doctors and hospitals use them for cooling patients, even freezing them for orthopedic and plastic surgeons to reduce swelling. The towels contain antibiotic and anti-bacterial properties and are all natural.

CHILL towels are used year round by fire, police and EMT (rescue vehicles). In fact many industries, the military and professionals all use the towels to provide instant heat relief.

CHILL has created its own product category, is patent pending and is represented in 26 countries around the world and its sales have more than doubled each year since CHILL was introduced at the Orlando PGA Show in 2007.

CHILL leads the way in instant heat relief – the world over.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Allan H. Wimer Interviewed by The Disabled List

When I first read about Chill Towels I have to admit I was skeptical. When you hear a tagline such as, “It’s like air conditioning in a bag” I think you need to put on the curious hat. The more I read about the success they were having in the cooling arena I became more convinced they have a solid product.

I wanted to learn more about the product, what is behind it and what people think about it. To do this, I sent a list of questions to Allan H. Wimer, the Chairman, CEO and Founder of Chill International. What follows are the questions posed and the answers straight from Allan.

1) How does the CHILL Cooling Towel work?

CHILL Towels work very simply, just take the towel out of the package and shake for 15 seconds to activate the all-natural formula. The towel will immediately get 20 to 30 degrees colder than your body temperature and will last from 2 to 5 hours as a one time use. Once the towel begins to feel warm just re-shake the towel and it will return to the original cool. If you re-use the towel and return it to the zip-lock packaging after using the towel 4 times a day for 15 minutes the towel will last 7 days or 30 uses.

2) What are some of the fitness benefits of using the CHILL Cooling Towel?

The towels enhance the bodies actual cooling process allowing your core body temperature to cool down. The towels are antibacterial so they can be used at health clubs to cool you down and even wipe down the equipment.

One of the best examples is on our website under the CHILL Experience.

“I tend to run in the early morning and late night during the summer, but the other day I got the bug to run around 11 a.m. It was very hot, so for the first time, I brought a CHILL Towel with me for my five-mile run, wearing it on my head under my visor. I ran two extra miles and at a faster pace than I normally run even on a cool day. I felt cool.” J. Moffitt, Personal Trainer, Key West, Florida

3) Can you reuse the CHILL Cooling Towels?

Right now we only have the 10X10 and 12X12 towels in the new zip-lock packaging which allows for up 30 uses, the larger towels will be available with the zip-lock late Spring or early Summer since they are being field tested as I write this. Just place the towel back in the zip-lock packaging to maintain the towels cooling effect. On the larger towels many of our customers will put the towels in a regular zip-lock package and the towels will maintain their multiple uses the same as the zip-lock packaging.

Conquer and relieve your athritis pain now.
4) Can the CHILL Cooling Towel improve your athletic performance?

The example above or the CHILL Experience on our website. If you have watched a basketball game the players wipe down with a dry towel, this actual stops the bodies cooling process, sweat, with CHILL Towels it actually enhances the cooling process leaving the player invigorated, energized and refreshed. This allows the player to perform at a higher level. The towel also does not leave any residue on your hands which is very important to golfers and tennis players.

5) What is a interesting story about someone using the CHILL Cooling Towel?

The best example is on our website under the CHILL Experience.

“Thank you Garry for the Chill Towels. It’s hard to say, but I know that using the towels had to have taken 5-10 minutes off my time. I ran almost 20 minutes faster this year than last in the Devil Marathon at Lake Mead National Recreation Area in Boulder City, NV. Granted it was a little hotter last year, but all of that aside I was extremely grateful for the towels. I will be recommending them to others. I liked the fact that I could put it around my neck and then stick the ends down the front of my shirt. In that heat I shook it 3 or 4 times and it still lasted about 8 miles. The only reason I got rid of it, was there was a fresh one available. Once again thank you for your support of the Devil race. I’m sure it will be around for a long time! – Joel Milbrandt

I have to write to you and tell you what a wonderful product you have. I ran the Falmouth road race for the 8th time and at the Expo I picked up one of your Chill cooling towels. It was wonderful and the 4th mile it went around my neck and it was still cool later that day. I would definitely use your product again. Thanks for cooling me on a hot summer road race. – Mary Ellen Ellis